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Talbot Sunbeam Lotus at 150Bhp

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Talbot Sunbeam Lotus at 150Bhp became a formidable rally car in its day back in the late 70s and this car exemplifies that with its striking classic lines that could have only have come from the UK during that era of automotive manufacturing. Admittedly there were some similar-looking cars being produced by Ford on both sides of the channel at that time. This car is in splendid order for its age and condition not forgetting the very low Klm it’s traveled in its time. A very good example of a great classic piece of British memorabilia.

Auction Report

75002 Talbot Lotus SunBeam, black, private owner, battery lamp flashing, bottom painted, additional meter gauges, all repainted by the same color possibly? or color changed? fuel tank dent, interior dirty in places.

Good Auction Grade 4

Now if you can get your head around the exceptionally low mileage and believe exactly what you see as we do, then you are going to love this car as the grade stands side by side with that super low mileage. It has the undercarriage painted which is normally done to either prevent rust or to hide it. The fuel dent has a dent and it’s beyond me how the auction engineer found that but there you go. What is surprising is the color mystery and they still grade is so high. I need to brush up on auction grades.

Interior Grade B

A very clean interior on this little Lotus even though I have never seen a dirty one 🙂 A grade B at this age is quite exceptional and goes hand in glove with that super low mileage and overall condition of this Talbot.

Reasons To Buy One

It is our thought that these little Lotus cars are not super common and owning one is the first and best reason to buy one. The other reason to buy one and espessially this one is the all round condition of the car and that low mileage I rave about yet again.

This car is on its way to Germany to her new owner and will soon be prowling the streets over there looking out for Lancia Deltas.

Talbot Sunbeam Lotus at 150Bhp

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6 / 10




Its a product of the 70s and I disliked the 70s but I like this car.

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