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Monday, August 15, 2022

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As this is a new process for me I feel the need to explain what this website is actually all about. Everyday we are asked to translate multiple cars for our global client base. For many years now I have simply translated them and sent the trans to the client with little thought that the car maybe slightly or somewhat interesting to someone else.

So the idea was to display the car and all its good bad, ugly or pretty parts with an explanation of why we believe the vehicle was graded in the manner it was. We will also offer our thoughts on why or why not to buy one.

These are a very select few translations so dont think we are reviewing them all here as we often have very generic cars day after day. Any way we have left the pages open for constructive comments if you feel the need to be constructive. If you intend to be destructive the message will be deleted obviously. Whatever you do dont take this website too seriously as its a bit of fun mostly.



Graeme at Autotraderimports Japan

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