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Mercedes Benz 500SL Looking A Little Tired

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We all love this old WDB109s I know. They are such lovely looking classic cars of a time when the normal Joe could not afford to own a luxurious Mercedes Benz. For the price you paid for them back in the late 80s one would expect them to last a lifetime if cared for well enough. This car has not been cared for all that well and it’s simply looking worse for wear & somewhat tired and lifeless. As an auction agent, I only want to say great things about the cars my clients are wanting but this car leaves me gasping.

Auction Report

65037 USS Tokyo, Mercedes Benz 500SL red, private owner, this year on February 20th the fuel lines + distributor + TS controller + fan driver changed, fuel pump + pressure regulator changed, 380SL Japanese instruction guide, the driver’s seat is worn with a patch, dashboard crack, the trunk would not open so no inspection, alloy scratches, all repainted by the same color.

Auction Grade 4

We are certain without a doubt that the workshop that currently owns this car has spent some time smarting it up for a quick big sale at auction. The reason for this is that these old WDB129 cars are fetching 2 to 3x the prices they were getting in Japan only 5 years ago. The Europeans are buying them for crazy money and the Japanese sellers know that the prices will go sky-high. This car is not bad but it’s nothing spectacular and the auction has been kind on the grading. It certainly got some great new electrical parts to help sell it. Maybe I am simply being cynical as I have seen so many better cars in the not-so-distant past.

Interior Grade C

I really am seeing some garbage grading at auction recently and this car’s interior grade does not fall into that category. It’s very is worthy of the C grade it obtained. These cars don’t age well if not looked after and this car does not fit the category either. This car is simply ok and is showing average aging for the age of the car. The leather color and the red go together well. A good match-up.

Reasons To Buy one

This 1987 Mercedes Benz 500SL Looking A Little Tired will be an interesting case study. People prefer the 560SL but the 500SL is scratching at the door. This car at a believable 145,000klm and decent auction grade maybe 1.5 million on the day or 3.0 million. We just don’t know. One thing for sure that we do know is that any SL of this vintage is only increasing in price. This is not a bad car if you fix the alloys, chrome parts, and a little paint, The rest has been done for you.

Don’t hesitate to get one now if you’re in the market. Contact me today.

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Mercedes Benz 500SL Looking A Little Tired

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These Mercedes Benz SLs are already a classic and if you dont get one now, shame on you.

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