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Fire Trucks For Sale In Japan

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Yes, we certainly have Fire Trucks For Sale In Japan and lots of them. Obviously just like this elderly Landcruiser they have all been color changed and this is one of the main reasons to buy one. This Firetruck is super cool fun with only 16,000 Klm driven which is fairly normal for one of these as they normally come from very small towns and do little. Well maintained and still with plenty of life left in the Firetruck and its pumps etc these trucks are a good buy. This particular truck has Hi/Lo ratio and PTO. I have seen some that also come with small portable generators as well.

Auction Report

80057 LandCruiser, Fire Truck, the color has been changed to red, dashboard some screw holes, interior worn, equipment missing, tray scratches + dent + small rust spots. A decent report on a nice simple truck.

Auction Grade 3.5

Yes, it’s got shiny red paint and all the rest but after all, it’s still, a fire truck that’s had a bit of a hard yet well-maintained life. This truck has a few bumps and bruises around the rear tray area with all that fire equipment being dragged on and off not to mention some small rust spots that wouldn’t normally ever change a grade at all unless the car is 100% rotten which it is not. We also seem to have some large dents on the rook that are a bit of a grade killer.

Interior Grade C

In my humble opinion, a C grade is warranted as it does have some holes in the dashboard which is a grade killer. Apart from that the interior of these Japanese fire trucks is normally very clean.

Reasons To Buy One

There is an abundance of these very cool firetrucks here in Japan. They are very popular with emerging and underdeveloped countries and also small towns etc in very remote locations. This particular truck headed away to Canada to help out with some Moose hunting. This truck is probably not the cleanest we have seen and nor does it have all the fire gear that some happen to come with also. But overall it’s sound and with low mileage etc. Watch out as some don’t have aircon or power steering.

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