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Classic Toyota Chaser Twincam24 Valve

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I am not sure where this car sits in my thoughts and also where I sit with the car. It’s got some seriously good shit going on man with those low Klm and new manual gearbox. Those Speedstar alloys are the business also and overall the car is fairly cool until you get to the rust. Why couldn’t any Japanese auto maker produce a single car that didnt rust at this time is beyond mind boggling, considering they are the best steel manufacturers in the world.

Auction Report

USS Nagoya, 3615 Toyota Chaser, Avante, twincam24, white, transmission changed to 5 speed ( with official Records), Speedstar 15 inch alloys, aftermarket front & rear shock absorber( it says new but this was crossed out by the auction), aftermarket dual muffler, lots of service records, rear tinted film, the rear panel has some heavy rust, it also has some light rust under.

Auction Grade 4

An auction grade 4 it seems is not that hard to obtain. I am very confused as I was under the belief that cars that had items changed like engines, transmissions, etc were graded a 2. Now I am the first to admit that my auction interpretation skills are rusty but I still remember clearly that any car with a transplant was basically a lesser grade. Rust! Yes, it has rust and that is another reason to give it a poor score, yes? No, it’s not! The Japanese don’t give a shit about rust it seems. 3.5 would have been a far more appropriate grade.

Interior Grade B

It’s that velour upholstery that helped. All Japanese boys go to hostess bars (drinking spots) at some point or another in their life which are run by lovely Mamma-sans and the decor looks just like this car. It’s rich and plush not to mention inviting, just like the hostess bar. This style was the go-to style in 80s Japan and wow is it fun! Also, look at the dashboard and those well-thought-out lines. So square.

Reasons To Buy one

The reason to buy this car is more than obvious. It’s ready for JDM. Manual box loads of service history to boast about and an engine to tune to death. Honestly what more could a young JDM enthusiast ask for. The prices on these Chasers are still on the low side so there is no better time than right now to secure one of these great cars. Reminds me of a Toyota Cressida.

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Its another JDM that will soon be seen scorching the road. Not a bad-looking car at all.

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