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Classic Alfa Romeo Spider With a 5 Speed Gearbox

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I was watching this movie named “Spy” where this crazy Italian guy drives into the local airport in an old Alfa Spider and takes the movie away into the bustling Italian city streets in his cool car with the star of the show, the Alfa! Watch that movie and you will want this car. My goodness, this car, is perfect for that movie or your own movie for that matter. This car is a new classic and it’s also 5 speed, Italian and has very low Klm. The interior looks fabulous with its camel-colored leather and that gearstick protruding out from the dashboard. Only the Italians or French would be so daring. Ok, the early ones don’t handle so well or have power steering but the last models were very cool.

Auction Report

65006 USS Tokyo Alfa Romeo Spider, red, half leather seat, dealer car, the steering wheel is worn (how a wooden wheel gets worn so easily?), driver’s seat is worn, rear screen little tear, alloy scratches, some oil leak, bottom painted for some reason or another.

Auction Grade 4

Yes, this Classic Alfa Romeo Spider With a 5 Speed Gearbox has a great auction grade and so it should. If the mileage is correct why should it be anything less than and an auction grade 4. There are lots of small marks on the 2D layout of the car which is to be expected on a car this age, but at the same time may have warranted a 3.5 on any other day if you factor in the oil leak and bottom painting. In all honesty, the grading at USS is crap and they will justify any grade they give as they see fit. This is a clean car but it should still be a 3.5 given the condition via the auction report.

Interior Grade B

This is where the auction has got the grade bang on. B grade for this interior is perfectly suited to the condition report. Admittedly the seats can rough up a little on these Alfas but this appears to be great by all accounts. The interior really looks well cared for and is a great example of how well these cars were built in the day to last so well over this time. Remember that this car is 30 years plus at this point. Love it!

Reasons To Buy one

Quite simply as the Youngtimer Classic car market is gaining momentum cars like this small Alfa Romeo Spider will only grow in price momentum along side other Youngtimers. I was buying these for as little as 350,000 JPY some 5 years ago in the same condition. This car has a starting price at 900,000 JPY. It may sell for 1.5 to 2.0 million JPY. Lets see what happens. This car is at USS Tokyo this week, so come along and join the fun.

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Classic Alfa Romeo Spider With a 5 Speed Gearbox

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