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Chevrolet Astro Vans Look So Pimped Out

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It is the firm belief of this writer that a good clean Astro van has suffered most of its depreciation by now and won’t fall down into the BMW 7 series depreciation hole. This van was built well and riding in one is like floating on a still lake with the wind lightly blowing in your hair. Darn it they, even made a seat called a Captain’s Seat and we all know the captain likes to be comfortable don’t we Scotty. We love the Astro StarCraft and so should you.

Auction Report

86008 Astro, Starcraft, White, Camping Car, Leather Seat, 6 People, Captain Seat, Back Camera, Rear Monitor, Drive Recorder, fabric scratches, seat handle worn, alloy + door mirror scratches, dashboard covered, belt noisy, bottom painted, camping kit some missing?

Auction Grade 4

These Astro vans tend to age very well and this is no exception to that statement. If you find one that’s super rough or something it’s pretty much guaranteed that the ex-owner was exceptionally rough on the car. These are large vehicles and easy to scratch up etc, and none so more than here in Japan with our narrow & busy streets, etc. This Astro Starcraft has been well taken care of and will be a good purchase for someone.

Interior Grade C

The only only reasons for a C grade interior will come down to simple basic wear and tear and the fact that some gear is missing from the camping kit. Its probably a little bit of a harsh grade. Maybe a B minus if they had one.

Reasons To Buy One

Astro vans are like an old leather bag in fact they sorta look older than they really are. The design is sort of timeless in a way and they are so versatile in seating and configuration. Chevrolet ticked all the boxes with this Astro van and more. There is little not to like about these cars in general except the fuel consumption.

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