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Can I Find A Honda NSX In Japan?

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If you are ever asking this question, Can I Find A Honda NSX In Japan? Well, the answer is quite simply, yes, and very easily. This is an example of a base grade NSX going to auction here in Japan this week. This particular car has some fairly cool points and low mileage for the year not to forget what appears to be service history. If you ever get the chance to drive one don’t turn it down as they drive well even in auto guise like this NSX. We have to love those BBS alloys as they really look the part on this car.

Auction Report

65013 USS Tokyo Honda NSX in silver, private owner, owner service book, maintenance record(s), BBS alloy ( F17/ R18 inch), SPOON 320km speed meter, odo mileage doesn’t change so real millage, front lip spoiler, the roof has been repainted the same colour, A/C not blowing cold, audio is broken, steering wheel & seat worn, power steering not smooth, core support + front support + right front inner panel repaired, left front inner panel repaired, front left side member, repaired, small oil leak

Auction Grade R

Well as you can see the front of the car has been nearly totally replaced at some point due to a collision this car had with something just as hard as itself. You can see on the 2D diagram the XX on the front panels of the car which basically means replaced. The auction has also clearly noted this. If you don’t mind a repaired car then this one is for you. It also comes with an oil leak of sorts and noisy power steering to keep occupied as you drive.

Interior Grade B

B interior is great considering the size of the accident this baby had. Obviously, there was not too much blood (joke) The interior on these NSX was a little bland in the day and I find it fairly hard to write anything inspiring about the very plasticky parts around the dash.

Reasons To Buy one

Ok so as the story goes. The Honda NSX is a Ferrari beater and rightly so. Admittedly though the 348 was not that hard to beat so Honda didn’t have to work too hard to get it correct. Buy one for the reliability and the still highly fast rated supercar performance at today’s standards at 5.3 seconds or so zero to 60. If your up for a good-looking supercar on a budget and one that’s ultimately collectible then the Honda NSX is for you. This car has had a life in one way but it’s still good in many other ways and looks the part.

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Can I Find A Honda NSX In Japan?

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