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Best Value Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

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What a glorious time it was when Nissan decided that they would produce the R32 Skyline and include the GTR in the line-up. This particular car is a great example of that time as it’s basically looking the same except for a few nice subtle changes to the exterior like those great Rays alloys that really suit the R32 and the Nismo front bumper. This is a good-looking car and still mostly original. The sad part is that one day soon it’s going to leave Japan and have its arse thrashed somewhere else. The good part is that these cars can absorb nearly anything that you can throw at them.

Auction Report

65005 USS Tokyo, Nissan Skyline GTR white?, private owner, momo steering wheel, NISMO additional meters + front bumper + shift knob, defi 4 series meters, Fushitsubo muffler, RAYS 17 inch alloys, HKS EVC, HKS turbo timer, LSD nismo? aftermarket radiator, belof head light, APEXi air cleaner, odo meter changed at 12.332km (H12 dec 25 @Nissan) and current odo is 63.719km so total 76.050km, H6 8 10 14 16 18 19 20 21 22 23 service records, steering wheel worn, seat worn, sun visor missing, alloy scratches, jack-up points have some dents, floor side member dent, roll bar taken off once?, centre floor repaired, ac not blowing cold.

Auction Grade 3.5

It would be hard to find any car at 30 years plus that is not categorized into the lower graded sections and this GTR is no exception. What is surprising all the same is the total absence of rust that cars of this vintage seem to be burdened with. If the auction inspection has done its job well this car falls into that exception. Probably the biggest reason for the 3.5 grade is a few scratches and the Jack-up point dents. Apart from that, I think that this car is really an auction grade 4 on any other day. Hard call at 3.5 I feel. Leave your thoughts.

Interior Grade B

This is another tough one on behalf of the auction grader. I have seen other cars with a near-perfect interior score a D for interior because they have an aftermarket roll cage installed. The roll cage has been removed and they have left some ugly holes and this car still gets a B grade! Shame on you USS Tokyo. This car also has some cool gauges etc and not the most perfect interior and it’s still a B grade but should be a D if the auction was being consistent with the grading. Hey, I am happy for the owner but some consistency from the auction grading would be appreciated. Still, it’s nice and clean overall interior-wise.

Reasons To Buy one

If a white GTR is your style then this GTR is the one for you. Finding a car this clean is becoming increasingly difficult so this car would certainly be a great snatch if you were lucky. Like any GTR the prices are only going skyward so now is a great time to buy yours. This car comes with some fabulous extras and looks the part. The roll cage has been thrown out as it only adds weight lol. Best Value Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

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Everyone needs to own one of these R32s at some point in their life.

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